Gamebiz is specialized in online gaming business development, providing consulting, planning, research support and payment platform integration for online gaming companies making business in Brazil.
If you are a gaming company and are willing to experience business in the brazilian market, you should call us or send us an email. We can present you nice reasons to convince you to experience Brazil. We can help you to establish your business in brazilian grounds in a safe and optimized way providing you reliable and valuable information that will help you to integrate your operations in this huge and promising market.
Gamebiz can give you some "brazilian" light on any of your businesses: Market research, user acquisition, retention, monetization (payment platform integration), community management, legal aspects and adsales. Our team members bring heavy expertise by working with leading companies such Yahoo!, Sulake (Habbo), Stardoll, Spilgames, Innogames, Ogilvy, Gamehouse and HotWords. Some of our clients and business partners: Unilever, Ubisoft, Innogames, Nestle, Kraft Food, Coca-Cola, Mc Donald's, Nabisco, Natura, Disney, L'Oréal, J&J and Microsoft.
International leading companies advertise with us and many others are our business partners!
The biggest companies of the Brazil and the world announce the platforms offered by Gamebiz.